Why This Blog Exists

There are certain moments in life you never forget. One of them is when the vet looks you in the eye and recommends that you have your beloved cat's leg amputated. Another is the moment you get your newly tri-pawed pet home, stare at the wound site, and wonder if you really made the right... Continue Reading →

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Day Five: No Longer Any Doubts

As I am typing this, my beloved cat is curled beside me, her adorable little chin tucked up against her adorable little paw and her tail curled around her adorable little back legs. Her breath is deep and steady. Her fur is fluffy and glossy. If you didn't know, you would never guess that the... Continue Reading →

Day Two Redux–Evening Rough Spot

She seems to be a little rough tonight. Nothing dangerous or scary, just uncomfortable and unhappy. She's been hiding behind the mirror most of the evening, and moved away from my hand when I tried to pet her. She doesn't usually reject cuddles, so that struck me as unusual. I gave her another dose of... Continue Reading →

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